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Get Amazing Accent Furniture for a Fraction of the Cost

You don’t have to be a follower of fengshui principles to know when the décor of a room is somehow “off.” Maybe the asymmetry bothers you: a wall or corner is a bit sparse without some artwork, a chest, a coat rack or a few small tables, making the effect of the whole room lopsided. You don’t have to live with this anymore. Accent furniture pieces from Overstock Furniture are top-quality fine designs at prices even the most budget-conscious decorator can afford. With a few choice accent furniture items in the right places, your living space will go from blah to wow.

Accent Pieces You Can Walk All Over

The right accent rug in your room can be powerful, pulling the theme and layout together with its unifying design and colors. Choose from our bold geometric patterns for a mid-century modern vibe, or soothing earth tones to put you and your guests at ease after a long day.

Storage Chests and Display Tables Have Never Been Lovelier

Clutter is an embarrassment, a mortal enemy of good design. You need not put up with it for one moment more. With the perfect accent storage chests and display tables, you can safely store your artwork and mementos, perhaps rotating them from chest to table with the seasons. A tall curio cabinet is just the thing for year-round showing of your collectibles.

Fill In Your Wall Spaces with Eye-Catching Accent Art

No matter the limits of your room’s architectural style or your budget, our unparalleled accent wall art spans many painting styles and colors to make your bare walls come alive with a statement reflecting you. Available on lay-a-way, our accent paintings range from the traditional Old Master realism of Astro and shimmering impressionism of Rosalind to the surrealism of Multi Aeryn and the ultramodern abstracts of Annora. If photo-style accent art better suits you, check out a bold image captured by Gunner. If you need bright colors to wake up your room, the butterflies of Axelstrike just the whimsical mood you seek.

These suggestions are just a sampling for you. For a comprehensive look at how the right accent furniture can make your room “pop,” browse this page and stop by our Lanham, MD showroom or any of our 3 other stores.